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This particular patient is a bit 'difficult' to say the least, she has some anxiety issues and likely has a doggy form of ADHD (really). Her dental disease is beyond what we normally perform in home dental cleanings. She has periodontal disease AND gingivitis. In general, in home dental cleanings are best for Stage 1 and Stage 2 dental disease. This pet did very well for the procedure and was placed on antibiotics to aid with treating the gingivitis. This owner was counseled regarding dental health and home dental care by us. This pet is now scheduled for in home dental cleanings every 6-12 months. Check out the before and after pictures below!

I will be making the appointment in December when Phoebe is due because SHE BELONGS TO ME!

Practicing what I preach,

Dr. Elsa I Campos

Note: Opponents of this in home dental procedure, claim that non-anesthetic dentals do not provide sufficient cleaning under the gum line and lack of polishing. On the contrary, we do indeed get completely under the gum line and perform a full polishing while your pet is completely drugs! (If we think about it, people get their teeth cleaned routinely with no anesthesia.) We offer a dental consult prior to scheduling dental cleanings and only choose appropriate candidates for in home dental cleanings.

Opponents also claim the risk of aspiration pneumonia. Although any complication can occur with ANY procedure please remember that your pet is NOT under anesthesia and maintains his/her gag reflex. A pet undergoing an anesthetic dental procedure MUST be intubated because of the loss of the gag reflex under anesthesia and the greater risk of aspiration.

In addition I am present and monitoring the entire procedure. I have worked as an emergency veterinarian for over a decade and am here to oversee and advise if/as needed.

The cost of our procedures are less than half of what you will pay for an anesthetic dental.

If for any reason we are 'unsuccessful' at cleaning your pet's teeth, there is no charge AT ALL for the procedure.

If you have any questions PLEASE do not hesitate to register on our site:                                   We strive to provide the most complete in home veterinary care experience for you and your pet. 

**We are unable to perform in-home dentals on pets that weigh 60lbs or more**

Kitty Dental

Still not fully convinced? This is a review from one of our satisfied clients: Dr. Campos and Erin are great! My cat, Ted, loves them. Keep up the good work! Ted just had dental at anesthesia. He was back to his old self instantly. --Vanessa D.

Doggy Dental

About Healthy Pet Dental Care

Healthy Pet Dental Care provides anesthesia-free dental care for dogs and cats. Our services specialize in preventive dental care.

Our goal is to offer our clients an alternative to conventional anesthesia dental cleanings while educating pet owners on how the benefits of good dental care contributes to the overall and best optimal health of their pets.

Anesthesia-free dental cleanings offer a safe, reasonable, and affordable alternative to standard anesthesia based dental cleanings.

By combining extensive training and specialized handling techniques, our technicians are able to effectively clean both above and below the gum line and polish while the pets remain alert and comfortable.

Carmen Canton, CVT was born and raised among her many animals in Managua, Nicaragua. At age 19, she moved to Miami, FL and quickly began work at a nearby veterinary hospital. Her experience there, inspired her to pursue her degree in veterinary medicine at CUNY in New York, NY.

Having witnessed the risks involved with conventional anesthesia, her initial exposure to safe, non-anesthetic dental cleaning left her feeling both relieved and encouraged that there was a method of providing a safe, preventative health service to pets.

As the public has grown increasingly leery of exposing their furry loved ones to heavy narcotics and invasive surgery, Carmen has been a reliable advocate for preventative health for dogs and cats everywhere.  

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