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Client Testimonials

Best veterinarian in our area! My two dogs and cats actually look forward to her visits (and her treats)!

-Nicole J.C.

June 24, 2020

When I first heard about Dr. Campos’ home-visiting vet service, I had a large collection of both indoor and outdoor cats, many of which were feral — i.e., not accustomed to or welcoming of being handled. The cats I could pick up and put in a carrier to transport to an office-based vet, I continued to do that. But most of the time, such vet visits were stressful for the cats and for me. Over time, I realized that everybody was happier if they did not have to be trapped and transported. So I began to ask Dr. Campos to examine and treat more cats in my house ( including some of the cats living outside that I could bring inside for an exam and treatment). I would eventually bring in outdoor cats for compassionate euthanasia when they had reached the end of their time because of terminal diseases.

A big change in my vet arrangements came when I moved to a location where all the cats would live inside and be easier to contain for treatment. We have reached an understanding that is beneficial for all: Dr. Campos is my primary vet for all cats, I no longer have to keep track of different vet records and make sure everybody shares info, and the stress for me and the cats has been much reduced because we are all experiencing the same program. Dr. Campos will find where the hiding guys who need to be examined are and extricate from their hiding places, After their exam, she returns them to their safe spots.

It’s a gift to me in many ways. It’s a gift to many of the kitties that no longer have to be transported and examined in an office vet facility and it’s a major benefit of cat health in a large population, with varying health issues, that is now tracked expertly.

- Kay S.

June 15, 2020

The kindest, most supportive, most knowledgeable, most professional,

Vet that Kassie ever had in New Jersey. I will always be grateful for

your support even after we moved to Canada. You truly made a big difference in our lives!❤️

-Diane B.

April 6,2020

Dr. Campos cared for our cat Daryl many years of his life. Daryl was stressed by travel so having a skilled, knowledgeable mobile veterinarian was a blessing. We recently lost our boy. I’m comforted knowing he was able to end his earthly existence, at home, with Dr. Campos at his side.

-Michael S.

April 1, 2019

Our cats, Sepia and Gesso were incredibly calm and interactive during their first visit by Dr.Campos and Michael, the tech. No trauma! Dr.Campos listened to and responded to our concerns. Future visits will be less stressful for mom and pets.

-Mindy S.B.

May 5, 2018

We love Dr. PetLover LLC. Dr. Campos is a very compassionate Vet that offers fast and excellent service with a SMILE! Thank you for your great service Dr. Campos!

- Bettina R.

May 2, 2018


We want to take time out from what has been a difficult time for us to express our sincerest appreciation for what you did for our Cat, Nicki. Having a Veternarian who will come to our House to treat Nicki was a tremendous help, not only for our convenience, but more importantly to reduce the stress that going to a Vet would have caused our beloved Nicki. We also want to Personally Thank Erin for her trips to our House to bring Medications as we changed Treatments. We felt you and she cared as much about the well being of Nicki as we did which was comforting. Thank You Again!

-John Paul and Shirlee C.


Dr Campos and Erin, I am so thankful you are helping me and my family with my arthritis. You have enhance my quality of life and We are so happy and I get so excited when you guys come to visit me. I love you guys so much. 

-❤️Rusty N.


No Vet would see my feral Rogue... She's a tough one but when she needed to have veterinary care my husband and I found DPL... After just one visit my Rogue is back to her usual self... SO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Lorry R.

February 25, 2016


So Blessed was my family to have found Dr. Campos and Erin. They both helped with our most traumatizing and sudden lost. Their compassion and warmth made it so much easier to let my Izzie girl go. Dr. Campus and Erin- Thank You for being our Angels that painful day. Izzie would have loved you both!!

-Jessica L.


Dr. Campos and Erin have been so loving to my beautiful Bella, especially during the last year when she was ill. They went above and beyond and were always available to help get us through the hard times. They really got to know her and me too, and it meant so much to me. They will always be my pet caregivers.

-Amy C.

Unfortunately I only got to meet Dr Campos during one of our darkest times. She kindly and professionally helped us say goodbye to our beloved dog. I cannot say enough good things about her and her tech, Erin. They are so nice, so helpful and so understanding. I have yet to use her wellness services, but I will for our two cats going forward. Highly, highly recommended.

-Scott S.


Dr. Campos & Erin were wonderful with my 12 yr old Labrador Murphy. So happy he can get such great care in my home.

-Colleen C.


I have an older cat who needed care and Dr.PetLover, LLC responded within a few hours of my inquiry and even came that day! They were patient, gentle and knowledgeable! I highly recommend them and am so grateful I found such a great vet!

-Amanda N.


I'm so happy I found this service! Taking my 2 dogs to the vet was all around stressful, but not today. The price for a visit with 2 dogs, 3 vaccines for both & medicine was as much as only one of them would be with less vaccines.

-Debbie M.


Dr. Campos and Erin are fantastic! My cats Arthur and Seymour love them, and I am thrilled that they are receiving such excellent care in our home where they are comfortable! I wholeheartedly recommend them -- their kindness and compassion for animals and their professionalism are evident from the moment they arrive, throughout their visits, and into the wonderful follow up care they provide!

-Michelle S.


Dr. Campos and Miss Erin are the best vets you could hope for. They took incredible care of our beloved Devon Rex, Grover, until he passed at almost 20 years old, a remarkable age. They are deeply knowledgeable, loving, and compassionate. When Grover passed, they made me laugh through my tears with funny stories of his antics at their visits over the years. I couldn't believe they remembered such details, but that's who they are...all heart. It was a blessing to have their expertise, and we will always be grateful they were with us through Grover's very happy senior years.

-Allison T.

October 20, 2016

A friend of mine had Dr. Campos and Erin treat her dog and she was so pleased that I thought I would try her service as well. My 10+ year old Lab becomes a nervous wreck when it is time to go to the Vet so this seemed like a great alternative. I was not disappointed! " Kassie" was still a little nervous but Dr. Campos and Erin were so kind, patient and thoughtful that she " recovered" quickly!!! Thank you..I look forward to seeing Dr. campos and Erin in September!!

-Diane B.

March 21, 2016


Elsa, Erin and Giovanna: Thank you for empowering me to interact with both your families and the attendees and participants in the Domestic Violence Walk event in West Ward Park in Passaic. Despite the rain, it was great to witness the dedication and commitment of all attendees at the event. It was also great to have been given the ability to represent the NJSPCA and to share my literature addressing Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence (etc) with the attendees. Thank you especially for your successful effort in keeping us dry during the event. I look forward to working with you in the future, and please accept my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for untold success in your new venture to serve animals, through Dr. Pet Lover LLC. And, what a Nice Nissan Service van! Thank you again.

-Al P.

October 5, 2014

Dr. Campos and Erin have been to my home several times over the last few months ago to give a checkup to my cat Phoebe and to provide end-of-life care for my cat Tabitha. They were very helpful and compassionate right until the end. I will definitely continue to use them in the future!

-Linda C.


Words cannot express the compassion Dr. Campos and Erin have with animals they treated my Molly who passed away in my home on 9/15/14. With so much love . I will always remember their kindness and love they have for animals. I highly recommend them to care for your pets. They're the best . Thank you Dr. Campos and Erin.

-Jackie S


Dr. Campos and Erin are great! My cat, Ted, loves them. Keep up the good work! Ted just had dental at anesthesia. He was back to his old self instantly.

-Vanessa D.


I am SO happy with the care Dr. Campos and Erin have given to our cat, Zsa Zsa!

They are both extremely caring, kind, thorough and professional. I am pleased not to have to bring my pet to the vet; it was so stressful for both of us and the care we have received has far exceeded any other vet services I have used in the past.

I highly recommend this wonderful team! And Zsa Zsa loves them too!

-Leslie W.


I Love these 2 women!!! They are awesome, caring, thorough, kind and I love having the visits in my home because it is such a big deal to take both of my dogs to the vet!! Highly recommend

-Maureen M.

Dr. Campos and Erin started coming to my home earlier this year to treat my three dogs, two senior basset hounds, Huey and Jolly, and a large mixed breed, Ellis. Huey was kind of spunky and independent, and Jolly was extremely loving and social. The mixed breed, Ellis is nervous and a bit unpredictable. Dr. Campos and Erin tailored their treatment and manner of caring for my dogs based on each of their unique personalities and needs. Unfortunately both basset hounds became very ill and surgery was not an option based on their conditions. Dr. Campos was very concerned and diligent in helping me to keep them comfortable during their final weeks. It was extremely difficult to deal with the loss of two dogs within months of each other. However, I was so grateful to be able to have them each euthanized in the comfort of home, surrounded by love from their family and this devoted medical team. Dr. Campos and Erin continue to come up with creative means of tending to the needs of Ellis, my remaining dog, who I'm sure is one of their more difficult, challenging patients. I couldn't ask for more!

-Nancy C.


Dr. Campos and Erin came to my office to treat my 18 year old office cat, Anastasia, who is terrified to leave her home, terrified of the vet's office, and a very delicate girl. She gets so upset that she starts foaming from her mouth, throwing up and shaking. What a gift to have Erin and Dr. Campos come to my office to examine her and advise on how best to proceed. Annie was comfortable with these two women, who were so gentle with her. Even though blood was taken and she was restrained, immediately following the examination, she ate, had some water, and never hid. It was amazing to see that she reacted so well to what otherwise would have been a major trauma. Both women clearly are knowledgeable and very capable, but, most importantly, you know they love animals and care for them deeply. I have recommended them to everyone I know and will continue to use them in my office, at my house, and wherever else I need veterinarian services.

-Linda N.


Our sweet cat Betty Boop loves her mom & dad but she is like a guard dog with strangers. Also whenever we brought her, in a carrier, to a veterinary hospital she got very nervous and hated it and became nervous to the point that she was in worse health after the visit than before. She would wail loudly throughout the entire ordeal. This is what prompted us to seek an in home vet.

-Colleen P.


Finding this great service was the best thing we could do for her. She recognized the caring nature of the Dr Campos & Erin team and accepts their care without a fight. I'm not saying she loves being examined but she somehow sits through it with little more than some low level protests. She does not fear these care givers. From our Betty Boop that is a high complement to this very caring duo.

-Joe S.


Dr. Campos is professional -- knowledgeable, thorough and careful -- and she combines this professionalism with rare kindness and understanding. She and Erin are a wonderful team. I have been taking my cats to see vets for about 35 years and I have never experienced the kind of care that Dr. Campos and Erin gave my little friend whom I recently lost, and I should add they were both very supportive of me in my grief at losing him.

-Elizabeth G.


I love Dr. Campos and her vet tech, Erin. They come to my house and spend time getting to know me and my animals' personalities. They treat the whole pet. I think that's very important. They are knowledgeable and compassionate. It's an experience having a vet come to the house. Now I couldn't (wouldn't) go back to going to a vet's office. Call Dr Campos for your next veterinary need. You won't be disappointed.


-Gail S.


We baby boomers are getting up in age and sometimes it is difficult to get our family pets to the vets. Thank God for Dr. Campos and Erin. They came to my aid treated Bullett with his ear infection twice and when it was agreed upon he needed surgery they assisted me in getting him to the hospital and making sure everything was in order. Bullett has a love and respect for them just as I do and I could never imagine them not being a part of our family. Give them a try I know you will be glad you did.

-Betty R.


Dear Dr. Campos,

Last Friday, you made a house call to euthanize my golden retriever, Zeke. It was a peculiar circumstance in which to initially meet a person, but my wife and I were highly appreciative of the sensitive manner in which you performed the task at hand. You gave us time to be mentally prepared; you were gentle and compassionate with Zeke; and your low-key, efficient, caring professionalism made the whole ordeal so much more bearable than it would have been if we had to drive Zeke to his vet for the procedure.


-Ron & Melodie


"I can't say enough great things about Dr. Campos and her assistant Erin.

They are knowledgeable, prompt and great with following up to make sure all of my pets are doing well. It is evident that they both care for and love animals and I would not think about changing vets for any of my home needs. And, they are even ok with the newf slobber!"

- Tara E.

" I like to call Dr. Campos the best vet ever. She and Erin are a terrific team who handle my large lab mixes with a lot of love and finesse. I credit her with saving Beau's life; he had anaplasmosis, which can kill, but fortunately she caught it in time, administered the proper treatment and Beau was fine. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Campos and Erin to anyone needing a vet, and the house call option is a good one, much more personal and a lot easier than having to schlep two dogs to a cold and sterile vet office. I hope I don't need this anytime soon, but she also administers end of life services, again a better option than having your dog end his life on a stainless steel table."

- Nina W.


"When Dr. Campos comes to our house to care for our kitties, I tell her I wish she could be MY doctor! She is awesome. Before Dr. Campos - every time we had to take our two little guys to the doctor - they would be terribly traumatized, to the point of vomiting - and worse. After each wellness visit to a veterinary clinic - our cats would become ill from the stress. It was beyond stressful- for the kitties - and for us! And we would always feel a certain coldness from the veterinarians we'd visit.

It's a totally different experience with Dr. Campos and Erin. It means the world to us to have such a caring, loving, gentle, and brilliant doctor come right to our house to care for our cats. She is so wonderful with Lewis and Milo! And we love her assistant, Erin, too! They are both such bright, generous-hearted, dedicated, and professional individuals. Even when one of our boys, Lewis, became dangerously ill last fall, the care Dr. Campos provided was more than a comfort - it saved his life! With their care and expertise - he is still with us - and thriving! And they both adore Dr. Campos and Erin. My husband & I do, too! Dr. Campos is the best vet we've ever had the blessing to know. We don't want her and Erin to leave when they're here!

I feel so lucky to have found them. I recommend them with all my heart. I tell all my friends with pets: do yourselves - and your animals - a favor by making Dr. Campos & Erin your veterinary choice.

You'll feel the love they sincerely have for your animals. And your animals will thrive by being cared for by such a brilliant team - right in your own home."

- Rose M.

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